Pole Barns

Location: Chester County, PA

Description: Pole barn

Size: 30’ x 50’ with a 10’ lean-to


Pole Barns Can Cost Less

Building a pole barn can cost less than constructing a modular or stick frame barn. The posts are buried in the ground to support the weight of the walls and the roof. In most cases, concrete is not needed depending on the use of the building.

The truss spacing in a pole barn is wider than all other barns, and can vary from 2’-8’ depending on the with of the building. The walls in a pole barn are not load-bearing because the poles support the weight of the building. This reduces the cost of framing. This can significantly reduce the construction cost of your next project. When properly designed and constructed, high winds and heavy snow loads will not be a problem.

A pole barn can be constructed to look like a conventional building. We recommend going with white pine siding and a metal roof.