Cole Bank Barn

The Cole Bank Barn

LOCATION: Virginia
: Bank Barn

Size: 40’x60’

Once we found our dream property, we needed to build our dream barn. We put a lot of thought and planning into what we wanted our barn to look like, designing it ourselves. Then we went shopping for a barn builder. The first company we met with was totally indifferent to our business and we got the feeling our project was not important enough for them. The second company was very nice, but so out of our price range. The third company built metal barns, and we really considered the option of an all metal barn, but realized very quickly that that was not what we wanted on our property. We kept going back to an old fashion barn building and the look of a beautiful wood barn, and that was when we found Groffdale Barns.
We though that Groffdale could give us what we were looking for, so we took a ride up to their place and met with Moses. We couldn’t have been more impressed with the beautiful products they were building right there on their property. Finished sheds and run-ins lined the property. The workmanship was beautiful and we were very impressed. After reviewing our drawings and plans, and going over what woods and hardware we wanted, Moses assured us that Groffdale could build us the barn of our dreams.

From start to finish Groffdale’s builders amazed us. They came onto our property promptly every day, sometimes even before we were out of bed!! Every employee was courteous and professional, and the foreman, Jake, was always available to talk with us when we had changes or questions. The finished result is a beautiful dream come true and we can’t thank Moses, Jake and all the guys at Groffdale enough for their dedication and hard work. The craftsmanship of our barn is so stunning, that even our neighbor, who is a builder, was extremely impressed with the wonderful job Groffdale did. We recommend Groffdale to anyone who will listen and show our barn off whenever we can! Thank you so much Groffdale Barns!
— A. & B. Kusmich / Hidden Creek Farm