Modular Barn

The Agusiewicz Modular Barn


Description: Modular Hayloft Barn with 12’x50’ Lean-to and 12’ x 20’ Addition with Hayloft

Size: 36' x 50'

Dear Groffdale Barns,

I normally abstain from endorsing any product or work that I have had done; however, in the case of Groffdale Barns I want anyone interested in having a barn built to know that after extensive research and meeting with numerous barn builders in Virginia and making a trip to Groffdale Barns I decided that Groffdale was the barn builder for me.

I want to attest to the professionalism, quality, and workmanship which couldn’t be equaled by any other barn builder that I researched (in my opinion).

I highly recommend Groffdale Barns. I am totally (150%) satisfied with the product. I would like to thank Moses and his staff who were extremely helpful and professional at all aspects of the project.
— J. Agusiewicz