Delivery and Installation


Our Delivery Policy

At Groffdale Barns, we build as much as we can here at our shop, and then complete the barn on site. We will deliver your fully built horse barn or shed directly to your site with a 4-wheel drive truck. We specialize in hauling buildings 12' to 16' wide and up to 52' long. Your site must be accessible to our truck and trailer. By delivering our buildings fully assembled we are saving you days, weeks, or months of construction and carpentry crews working on your property.

We will also build Shed Rows and Run-In's on site to those hard-to-reach locations.

We build custom barns and deliver portable buildings along the East Coast throughout PA, NJ, MD, VA, WV, NY, and CT.

Building Project Process


  • STEP 1: Choose Type of Building

  • STEP 2: Local Township Approval

  • STEP 3: Check with your local township for building approval.

  • STEP 4: Groffdale Barns constructs your building kit.


We do not do any site preparations. Sites must be level and ready before Groffdale Barns arrives with your structure.

  • STEP 1: Find a location

  • STEP 2: Level Site

  • STEP 3: Add crushed stone before installing pillars when wet, after installing pillars when dry. As soon as the pillars are in, we will bring the first section of your building

  • STEP 4: Prepare Clearance

To deliver to your site we will need the following:

Dry ground or a stone lane

13' Height Clearance

14' Width Clearance on straight runs and wider for curvy lanes, etc.

70-80 feet to pull out from the front of the barn after unloading 
* We will build Shed Rows and Run-In's on site to those hard-to-reach locations.

  • STEP 5 : Groffdale delivers building, lumber, and hardware which includes the following:

    • First Building Section

    • Second Building Section

    • Sheeting

    • Joists

    • Rafters

    • Anchoring

    • Roofing Supplies

    • Center Aisle Doors

    • Windows

    • Latches

    • Oak Posts

    • Oak Framing Lumber

Modular Units Set 

Ready for Crew

STEP 6 : Groffdale crew completes the process by uncovering barn sections and moving them to correct positions, anchoring the barn to the pillars, and completing the roof/hayloft and lean to areas on site.

Still have questions about Delivery? Our knowledgable staff will help you and let you know what can be done.